Counselling and Psychotherapy Oxford

St Margarets Institute

30 Polstead rd

Oxford OX2 6TN

Phone: 07786 488766

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Counselling and Psychotherapy Oxford

Coaching with Emma is to identify a particular goal and how to achieve it within

a short time frame.

Areas that
Emma has successfully coached clients or organisations include:

  • Analysis of personality type through psychometric testing
  • Working cognitively to solve a problem (CBT)
  • Completing a thesis, essay, coursework, or a report
  • Moving into the job market whether a student, long time unemployed
  • Identifying transferable skills to provide a focus within the job market
  • Improve self esteem and confidence building
  • Identify tools to become more effective at work and at home
  • Guidance with difficult decisions
  • Understanding your personality and improving your relationships with others